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Flag Display Case

Flag Display Case

Flag Display Case

Flag Shadow Box, American flag display case, Flag and medal display case, Marine corps flag and medals display

If you are looking for a great Coast Guard Retirement Gift

The American , flag  Shadow Box designed to resemble the blue,white and red stripe of an American flag


Flag Shadow Box, American flag and medal display frame

The American flag display case, can hold a large amount of memorabilia.

This CoFlag Case is a great  Retirement Gift,  the case is available in either Oak, or Cherry and comes with a red, black, blue or green background.

The  American flag case ,great retirement gift ,flag shadow Box can fit for a samll or large flag ( burial flag )

  Orders for the flag cases are shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.


Dear Flag Connections,

I never anticipated this purchase however, I am very pleased with the Coast Guard Retirement Gifts for my sister’s husband. She had a tough time choosing but in the end, loved my selection.

Dear Flag Connections,

I was happy you delivered the exact item I saw on the image of your site. The case is sturdy and a beautiful walnut finish. It had ample space for me to personalize a sentimental engraving for my husband. I feel honored that the same company that provided a case for Ronald Reagan is the same one that has furnished us a piece so honorable for my husband’s remains.

Judy Brower

Dear Flag Connections,

Thank you for an easy transaction. I never thought I would have to make this purchase but fortunately you’ve made it easy for me in a very difficult time. The military flag case portrayed our late uncle in a dignified way during his memorial service. I love the triangle shaped flag above the display case and the great seal completes the look.

Jason Delonso