Air force Wall Tributes

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Perhaps you have a loved one who has served in the United States Airforce. Perhaps you have served yourself. In either case, you know how special that service has been to your town, your state and, of course the country.

One of the best ways to commemorate the service of the men and women who have donned the American uniform is by displaying something physical that family, friends and visitors can see and touch; something as solid in it’s display as the service it honors. The United States Airforce Plaque is exactly what you’re looking for.This completely handmade, wooden.

Air force Wall Tributes

Our artist will cut each piece from imported Baltic Birch trees, then stain the plaque an Early American hue. The black background forces the completed piece into full view, raising the crest of the United States Airforce to full prominence. Each level is layered, so the observer is looking through the cut out design of this intricately made piece.

The plaque can be displayed anywhere you desire, and will be a proud reminder of your service man or woman. If you prefer to hang it on the wall, the plaque comes with a built in hanger on the back.

Our service men and women cannot be thanked and honored enough for their service to our great country. The United States Airforce Wall Plaque is one of the best ways to begin to try.

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